Thank you for visiting our factory's shop. The nearest time our elves will contact you on the point of the payment and delivery.




All calculations are made exclusively in UAH!

Order payment types:

Cash payment - payment of produkt is made upon receipt of the order independently at the factory.

Non-cash payment - payment for the produkt is made by transferring the amount indicated in the invoice to the settlement account at the n-c / p rate.

Prepay for a bank card - payment is made on the PrivatBank card (in this case, 1% of the bank commission is added to the cost).


Delivery of produkt is carried out by the New Mail transportation service to the "Новая Почта" warehouse in your city, subject to advance payment of the produkt.

The declaration number will be sent via SMS to the phone number indicated in the order. If you need to specify the number of the declaration, call any phone number listed on the site.

Shipping and packaging is paid by the client to the carrier upon receipt of the produkt.

Delivery in Ukraine by the "Новая Почта" service is carried out only if in YOUR locality there is a branch of the "Новая Почта" company.

More information about the delivery of "Новая Почта" can be found on the website of this company.

You can pick up your order yourself at the factory at:

Kiev region, village Klavdievo-Tarasovo, st. Uspenskaya, 1.